St. Francis Higher Secondary School, Akhnoor

school St. Francis School was established on 4th Oct. 1983 by Rev. Fr. Sebastian Thottumkal OFM Cap. On this day a seed was sown and now it has grown into a plant with blooming flowers. Sr. Anne CSST was the first principal of the School.

The policy of education in the school run by Diocesan Board of School Education is based on the life of Lord Jesus Christ as revealed in the Gospels of the Holy Bible. This encompasses development of a Growing Consciousness of the Human Rights and Dignity. This enables To Live in Companionship and Communal Cooperation. The concern is For All God’s People within the Local Community where the school is situated and Especially for those of Christian Faith and The Materially Weak. Education also includes the Development of Comprehension and Judgement and the skill enabling a person to Be a Committed Citizen, Peace-Loving, and Joyous and Just in this World. In this way, God’s plan for His world may be realized and humankind may attain the fullness of life.

Principal's Desk

principal Dear Parents/Guardians,
Through our school website I would like to greet you all with fraternal love and God’s blessings. May I request you all to read carefully all that has been mentioned below. Though a school can do a lot for a child, it cannot do everything. The home is the place where she/he gets his/her first education and training for becoming a responsible citizen. It is the chief place where his/her character is formed and developed. School education indeed promotes growth of personality and helps to discover and develop the qualities of children. In order to secure all that is best in education of your child, maximum co-operation between the parents and school authorities is necessary. The task of helping your children to become good citizens is done better through a kind of partnership between the school and the parents/guardians.

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Thought of the day

Silence is the beginning of awareness of oneself. silence is not merely the absence of noise but having complete concentration on what you do.

Class 12th Topper 2018


Ms. Vanshika

Current News

  • Summer vacation is from 28th of May to 15th of July